It is great to be back after a wonderful Christmas break and it has been lovely to see pupils so excited about being back in school and ready to learn!

Last term, pupils enjoyed learning about Machines and Transport through a variety of different sensory stories, activities and outings which included campus walks to spot airplanes and listen to traffic. It was great to see the pupil’s hard work and creations up on the walls in the corridor with art work including pupils’ hand-made buses and hot air balloons! Pupils in the Secondary Department also enjoyed using a variety of different machines to create tasty treats in Food Tech including popcorn machines and blenders to make smoothies.

Towards the end of the term our focus was Christmas, which was full of fun, singing and dancing! For the second year running, The Secondary Department delivered an outstanding Carol Service and Performance for over 60 Parents and Carers who were invited to come and join in with singing. We held a coffee and mince pie morning after the Carol Service in the staff room which was well received by Parents and Carers who looked like they were enjoying themselves whilst a pupil played the guitar to them! Father Christmas also made an appearance and visited the pupils in their classrooms on the last day of term to give out presents.

During the last week of term, we had a very successful trip to the pantomime at Weymouth Pavilion to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The pupils of Wyvern were an absolute credit to us and were excellently behaved and also joined in well with singing and shouting!

This term, we are looking forward to learning all about ‘The Rainforest’ and we have lots of exciting things planned around Rainforests and the different animals that are found in the Rainforest. Classes plan to produce art based on different animals that are found in the Rainforest as well as create tasty dishes in Food Tech related to spices or foods that are found in the Rainforest.