Firstly, I would like to say how much I am enjoying working with your children/young people in music.

Music is such an important part of daily lives. It is a powerful, and unique form of communication enriching and enhancing our experiences (words taken from the National Curriculum!). It can change the way in which we feel, think and act. And certainly for me personally that is the case. How often does music trigger a memory or emotion?

Weekly class music sessions at Wyvern give us all a chance to work together. The pupils learn to turn-take, communicate, gain confidence, and explore and listen to various instruments and musical genre. It also enhances the learning from other subjects. For instance, we have done numeracy songs about the Rainforest animals, learnt a “coffee Rap”, and have sung about the various rainforest countries. We fit the topic work into a familiar format. This gives the children some security but allows us to introduce new things too.  They are getting very good now at remembering musical terms and some quite tricky instrument names!

Sarah James, Music Leader