Wyvern Academy is a Total communication school

Amy Rey-Creed, Communication Lead
Kirby Legg, Communication Lead

Wyvern Academy is a Total communication school

Total communication at Wyvern includes:
– Signalong (Signalong is based on British Sign Language) Sign of the week.
– PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
– Switches (Switch activated objects, small kitchen appliances and voice activated responses).
– Communication Books
– Choose Boards (Learning Boards)
– Signage in school
– Symbols for the curriculum
– Assistive Technology (Eye Gaze, Proloquo2Go, and PECS+ App)
– Visual timetables, class schedules, individual schedules
– Visual aids such as Now and Next
– True Object Based Icon (TOBI)
– Core vocabulary

-Objects of reference (OOR)

-Sensory information boards

-Regular staff training

-Parent information workshops


-Attention Autism

Tac Pac

Our Pupils all have different communication needs and use different ways to communicate. All brains understand visual information better.  In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual- When talking to our students please keep things simple and follow up with visuals.

Total communication is an approach, which includes: Eye contact, facial expression, body language, vocalisations, hearing, touch, smell, taste, speech, symbols, photos, drawings, objects, written word, art, music and signs and gestures.

Verbal prompts are the easiest to give but hardest to fade. This is why you will see many of our staff with visuals on lanyards or carrying pupil’s individual schedules around with them.  As this can reinforce wanted behaviours, transitions and support pupils to access and experience the environment and a variety of activities.  Creating independent opportunities to rely on visuals rather than verbal prompts.

It is the right of every pupil to be able to communicate and have his or her needs met. Communication underpins pupil’s education, mental health and well-being, social and physical needs. In addition to providing accessible learning, we use a range of strategies to help in our inclusive communication environment. 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) provides our pupils with functional communication ranging from low tech visuals to high tech solutions such as an iPads or Eye-Gaze.

All Pupils have a communication pen pic with their targets and how they communicate ensuring the school is meeting their needs. 

Communication Triangle: