Goodbye, Thank you and have a lovely summer!

Well the final day of term has finished and I have come to end of my time as Head teacher of Wyvern Academy. It has been a hot, emotional and strangely calm day and I hope I have managed to say goodbye to all my lovely children and amazing staff before they left.

To every one of you, thank you for filling my life with such a richness, humanity and joy. I wish your new Head Teacher, Katherine Seymour, every happiness and success as she takes up the reins in September. I hope that the road ahead sees the quick end of this pandemic and it’s horrendous effects on everyone’s life, and that Wyvern continues to rise in every way. But for now, goodbye, have a great, safe and relaxing summer and I will look forward to seeing some of you in the autumn term when I come back for my postponed leaving do.

My very best wishes,