Update to Parents and Carers 29.01.2021

Message to Wyvern Parents and Carers,

We have just completed our first week of twice-a-week LFD testing for staff and I am happy to report that all tests were again negative- our 3rd week in a row. We also commenced secondary aged student testing and were able to successfully test the vast majority of those for whom we received consent forms, and happily all negative results again.

The Department for Education this week announced that a positive LFD (lateral flow) test result now no longer requires confirming with an additional PCR test, if done in a special or secondary school as per the guidance. This is a clear endorsement of the reliability of these tests and the standards these schools are achieving.

I have been informed today that our local Clinical Commissioning Group, along with Dorset Council, have agreed to recognise the close working and personal care demands that are part of special school staff ‘s work, and offer vaccinations in line with those who work in care homes and other front line services. We very much welcome this significant development in the safety of special schools and in doing this Dorset is among 65 (and rising) other local authorities doing the same.

Our staffing picture has been a little unsettled in some classes this week and as before we are extremely sorry when we have to temporarily close pupil places – these circumstances are out of hands. We have managed, despite this, to increase the number of pupils coming in, in classes where we can, and are currently at 64% attending at least part of the week now.

As we get a very difficult January behind us I’d like to wish you a very safe and happy weekend and hope that February will see all the expected improvements in safety and pupil numbers back in school.

Bruce Douglas

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