Update to Parents and Carers 22nd January 2021

To All Wyvern Academy Parents and Carers,

As we get to the end of week 3 of 2021 I am happy to report our second week in a row of all negative staff lateral flow tests. Next week we are moving to twice weekly tests for staff and this will make us even more safe. Despite what you may have read, lateral flow tests (LFD) done in the quality assured way we do them, yield very reliable results and we intend to carry on with them as long as necessary. The one positive case we got in week 1 was very quickly detected and isolated and not one person was infected in school as a result, showing that our response and the bubble system contained it effectively. The person involved remained well with no symptoms themselves and is due to start back at work soon, now they are well over their isolation period.

Our student testing had to be delayed due to some staff absences but we intend to start next week. About 12 secondary students so far have received consent for us to attempt it (at the moment it is only for year 7 and above) and our school nurses will be leading on this, supported by class staff.

We have again managed to slightly increase the number of students attending each week, but we are still having staff off with other illnesses or isolating due to a household member testing positive here and there. When this happens we are forced to close student places as we cannot staff a class ‘out of bubble’. Please be assured we do all we can to spread any impact of this across students fairly on the days affected so ask for your trust and patience as confidentiality dictates that we cannot always explain our reasons for every decision.

Finally, do remember that if your child requires a lot of outdoor exercise or walks around the neighbourhood to help them regulate, this is completely justifiable and should not be challenged. If anyone would like me to issue a letter from the school that verifies their attendance here I will be only too happy to supply one, as I did in the last lockdown.

Have a good weekend everyone and keep safe and sound.

Bruce Douglas


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