School Closed Today 5th January 2020

Regrettably the decision was taken last night to close the school to all pupils temporarily today following the announcement of the new national lockdown by the Prime Minister.

School leaders need to assess the staffing situation as the closure of schools and reintroduction of shielding will undoubtedly impact staff and their families today and, like many other schools in our position, we cannot risk an unsafe situation developing.

Although we are dealing with a new virus variant and the case rate in Dorset is much higher than before, there are lessons which have been learned from the experience of 2020 and school will be fully focused on opening as many places as possible as quickly as we can.

School staff are key workers and so once their children’s schools have established capacity as well and sufficient arrangements are in place, many will be able to return to work, possibly with some restrictions.

Wyvern has taken receipt of our first delivery of lateral flow tests and once we have the programme set up this too will support the safe return to work for staff as well as making school safer for all.

We will keep families updated via SMS texting once we have established capacity.

Bruce Douglas


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