Measures for increasing the pupil numbers in school

Here at Wyvern Academy we have continued to keep places open during the coronavirus crisis, either full time or part time, for an above-average number of pupils. As staff have been able to return to work we have been able to extend the offer of places to more pupils.

As we have a number of staff returning to work after the half term holiday and hence more pupils returning as well, we are taking some measures to increase safety precautions. These include greater separation of class ‘pods’, increased cleaning, stricter regulations about adults in proximity, further use of PPE, regulations around playtimes and use of shared rooms, further infection control training, separate staff rooms for departments and personal hand sanitiser for staff members.

In these ways, and with the daily care and professionalism of staff, we will manage the increased numbers safely as we move into the next phase of the national response and we thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding.

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