Lower School News, February 2020

Green Class have been celebrating Chinese New Year. They have been enjoying lots of  sensory play activities and learning about the weather. Tyler discovered he loved the swimming pool, which was wonderful.

Orange Class have been busy learning about different weather and making weather bottles.  We have been enjoying the ‘Little Cloud’ by Eric Carle as well.  We are currently taking it in turns going horse riding, which has been great fun!  Cookery has been based around making biscuits of different shapes and this links with our numeracy work where we are playing with,    manipulating and naming shapes. We are getting out, experiencing the weather, and having fun indoors sharing toys and getting really good at communicating during tuck shop time.

Blue Class so far we have been dressing up and experiencing Sensory activities to do with cold and wet weather. We have played in “snow” (foam, bubble wrap, play snow and ice); made snowmen, snowflake and winter animal shaped cookies and painted with ice cubes!  We are now enjoying splashing in puddles, hiding under umbrellas and tasting rainbow coloured sweets! We like to have fun in Blue Class!

In Purple Class this term we have used our weather binoculars to investigate the weather and have enjoyed using our wind socks to see which way the wind is blowing.

Jet Class have loved being weather investigators this term. From jumping up and down in big rain puddles to tiptoeing through hailstones and swinging in the sunshine, Jet Class have risen to the challenge and delighted in every adventure. We’ve also enjoyed   celebrating the Chinese lunar New Year and learning to play with lots of new toys!

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